Sunday, November 2, 2008

Simply tagged

Hi all! I made this simple card today because I am in need of a couple of pet Thank yous. Dave and I lost our beloved dalmatian, Maggie and our super, orange cat, Carrot recently.
These losses have been devastating to us, but we are recovering and moving on as anyone who loves pets must do. Our vets and their staff are very compassionate and sent us several cards and flowers. So we need a thank you for them. While we are not ready for another dog, we did get two kittens several weeks ago. A dear friend gave us loads of kittie toys, so I need a thank you for her.
The cat stamp is from InkyAntics and the notebook page is a Magnolia stamp. It's perfect for Tilda and Edwin to sit on but it worked great for my peeking cat, too! I stamped the cat, then masked it with a post-it note before stamping the notebook page. The sentiment is from one of SUs sets.
Now, I was recently tagged by Michelle (Mommy Time) to complete these 5 lists of 5. This is new to me so, here goes:
Things I Love
Being home
Things I don't Love
Always being behind, never enough time
Losing loved ones
Doing lesson plans
Winter in March, April...
Songs on Ipod (don't have an I pod!)
Josh Groban ANYTHING!
Michael Buble-Home
KT Tunstall-Black Horse and the Cherry Tree
Plain White Ts-Delilah
Carrie Underwood
Favorite Food/Beverages
Prime Rib
Chicken Wings
Mulled wine
Five blogs I enjoy
Thanks, Michelle! Everyone have a great evening!


lakind said...

What a cute card and great idea to have him peeking over the edge! Sorry to hear about your cat...I didn't know! What a sad year it has been for you. At least you have some kittens to keep you smiling! I agree with a lot of your 5 thing, especially doing lesson plans! It's 8:00 p.m. on Sunday and mine aren't done...shhhh! Thanks for the nod also!

Sandy said...

Thanks for the tag Cheryl, I'm so new at this Blogging I don't what if anything I should be doing about this.

Tori Wild said...

So sorry to hear about your pets-- I lost a beloved Shitzu last year as well as my 15 yr old tabby cat within a month of each other-- it was a devastating month!! I just recently got a new fur child--- a yorkie named Kash and he's just the cutest!!


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