Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Keeping it Simple

I uploaded the same picture twice by accident. Sorry about that, no time to figure out how to delete!

Here's what I wanted to say in this post. Sometimes I give a friend a couple of cards to send out, but they like them so much that they want to keep them! Awww, that's nice!

This simple set I made is a birthday gift for a friend. I made her 8 (!) cards like this. They are blank so she can use them as notecards, and they aren't really "one of a kind" cards that so she will feel fine about using them. AND they didn't ake me long to make.

A great background, some super patterned dp and colors to match, a border punch and some ribbon. Put your cards together all ways to please yourself and you're certain to please someone else!

I package mine in the excellent clear boxes from Papertrey. No wrapping necessary or you can tie a bow around and attach a gift tag. Homemeade in the same colors, of course!

Again, my apologies aobut the two pictures the same. All the cards are different!

Thanks for looking today! Cheryl


Suzy said...

I did simple today too! Sometimes they are just what is needed. Great cards.

Monica said...

Simple but elegant! I think it's perfect.

lakind said...

What a great gift! Simple works!


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