Friday, November 21, 2008

Simply Santa

I just love this Santa from Whipper Snapper! He was so fun to color! I decided on a simple card a la (one of my heroes, Anna Wight!) I think this stamps stands on its own.
BUT, I will probably fancy up the inside with some Basic Grey dp!
The glitter is those glass shards that Anna has made snowflakes from lately. Really neat and sparkly!
It looks like I'll be spending the weekend stamping! We could get up to another 2 feet of snow by tomorrow evening!
I think I'll post some pictures tomorrow! It is really beautiful (when you don't have to drive in it!)!
I have been reading that so many of you don't feel you are very good with your Copic markers. I felt that way at first, too.
As I think of any tips I will pass them a long to readers (not that I'm an expert, by any means!)
Suzanne Dean did an excellent tutorial on coloring at the Magnolia store site. Check earlier posts here for links. That said, I always start with a lighter color than I want to achieve. On this Santa, I started with orange, believe it or not! I color all but the center areas with that color. The very middle is white at first. Then I use my mid color, but I don't cover all the orange, just nearer the edges. Then I use the color I really want the piece to be at the edges. I go back and blend with the blender or with a lighter color, in this case a yellow to mix my colors. Finally, I added a very dark red at the most shadowed parts.
If you bothered to read all that, you're a keeper! Thanks! Basically, I start with a lighter color and figure I can always make it darker, but it is difficult to make an area lighter once it is colored dark.
That's it for today! Off to school!
Hope your day is great!


Tricia said...

Beautiful Cheryl!!! Thanks for the great coloring tips, too. I'll keep them in mind if I ever get Copics. LOL I keep hoping that if I'm a good girl Santa will put some in my Christmas stocking. :)

Danni said...

What a wonderful card! This Santa makes me smile!!

Tanja said...

Just perfect! This Santa looks really cute! Wonderful Card!

Hugs Tanja

Kerry D-C said...

Stunning Santa, Cheryl! Thanks for the coloring tips!

lakind said...

He is the cutest Santa! Great coloring tips, Cheryl! I hope you aren't too "snowed-in" this weekend, but if it means more stamping...yeah!

Monica said...

What an adorable Santa!! I need to purchase some of their stamps!


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