Saturday, February 14, 2009

IC167 Duckbill Mountain Bra!

Good Saturday morning and Happy Valentine's Day! I made this card this morning for the Inspiration Challenge on SCS. It's a group of 49 bras designed by Quilters. These will be sold to generate money for Breast Cancer Research. My bra is Duckbill Mountains and is on this page
I thought my pair of Penny Black ducks perfect for this! Hope you like it too!
I used some Martha Stewart dp which was given to me by a friend the other day! thank you, Alice! The colors are wonderful! My ducks are colored with copics. For once, I did not struggle with layout, but the embellishments were tricky. There are several pieces of cut ribbon and some other things all over the floor waiting to be picked up!
My DH and I are off to do some shopping and then to dinner! We live an hour from any good shopping centers and with all the winter we've had we have literally not been anywhere since Christmas!
I can't end this post without saying that our thoughts and prayers are with the families who lost loved ones in the terrible plane crash near Buffalo on Thursday evening. Such a tragedy.

Thanks for visiting today. Hope you're spending it with someone you love!


Anonymous said...

This is so cute!!

Gvendalen said...

This is a beautiful card!

Craftmaiden said...

Such a cute card, lovely colours!

Siobhan xxx

Claudia Rosa said...

this is totally cute
happy valentines day cheryl


Kelly Schelske said...

Ha, so cute!!

lakind said...

Love this card, Cheryl, and the fabulous color combo!

diane (cookiestamper) said...

oh my...those bras are hilarious! Very cute duckie card, Cheryl!

Ila said...

This is Super Cute!! I love this image!...the coloring and papers are Wonderful!!..Hugs, Ila

Julia Pollard said...

Oh really cute and I love the colours :o)

Kristine B. said...

:) Soo cute!

Candy said...

Hi there!
Well I can't say enough about the bras and the great idea to get money for breast cancer. Each bra is a delight and a work of art.
Yours is so cute and the wonderful card you made to match is also fantastic.

LOVE all the work you do

Anonymous said...

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